Lavender Larceny and the Dusty Pellet

by The Prisoner Of Mars



The title "Lavender Larceny and the Dusty Pellet" is a combination of suggestions made by Ben and Ivan on Cambridge105’s Sonic Delights show (every other Thursday 7-9 GMT It was recorded live in one take (with a few overdubs) and mixed to mono, because I keep finding that people listen to online music through laptop speakers – thus rendering all careful stereo positioning redundant.

How Can You Boycott a Rainbow?
This song was inspired by middle-America’s threatened boycott of Oreo cookies, simply because they were planning on bringing out the cookies with rainbow coloured cream filling in support of gay rights. In a Facebook conversation on the subject, someone quite reasonably asked “how can you boycott a rainbow”?

Oh Man! I Ran Out Of Drugs!
A narcotic fuelled lifestyle has to confront reality once in a while due to financial barrenness or drug drought.

Baby, Why Do You Gurn?
A story regarding the horror of being propositioned by a lustful and drug addled individual who will not be discouraged, when all you want to do is carry on playing your gig.

You’ve Got Too Much on Your Mind
A self-explanatory title.

Born Too Late
Is there any point in self-promotion and music making in this post-post-post-modern age or whatever it is we are living in now? Well, yes… probably…I don't know!

Harry Price
The great ghost hunter is eulogised in this here ditty. Here’s a great radio documentary about his life from 1981


released February 28, 2014

PoM - Guitar & Vocals
C J Freeborn - Drums
Billy Bumbags - Bass

Cover photo by Mrs PoM



all rights reserved


The Prisoner Of Mars Cambridge, UK

I pull sounds from here, from there - chuck them together and vomit them into the ether. Many duck for cover, others are willingly hit in the face.

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